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Parent Café

Parent Café Program

Parent Cafe provides a safe nurturing environment for parents to have intimate, authentic conversations about their families and ways in which to strengthen their families and communities. Parent Cafe’s assist parents with enhancing their social and emotional skills, learn to appreciate the value of active listening, and learn how to respond to challenging situations as opposed to reacting. 

The Matthews House family programs were created to aid in securing the foundation of loving familial structures. We help families set and attain goals and support them in the process. 

*Registration is required for all cafes

Focusing on the 5 Protective Factors of Parenting

Parental Resilience

Parental Resilience is the emotional well-being of the parent and the parent’s ability to bounce back when challenges arise and still be there for their children.

Social Connections

When parents can build social connections that provide them with support, whether it’s childcare, rides to the doctor, or just someone to talk to, both parents and children’s lives and well-being are improved.

Knowledge of Child Development

Understanding the different stages of child development can help a parent set realistic expectations for their children.

Concrete Support

Making parents aware of community resources and how to access them helps give families a safety net for when a crisis arises. Then they become better equipped to meet their families’ needs and less likely to become overwhelmed in an emergency.


A child learns how to form relationships and how those relationships benefit the child from ages zero to three. When children lack this knowledge, they don’t understand the behavior expected of them in social situations or how to regulate emotions like frustration.


Childcare and a meal are available at every café!

Registration is required for all cafés.

Please contact Brandi Griswold at or (970) 290-0999 if you need further information.