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Empowering youth and families
to close the poverty cycle in
Northern Colorado

1 in 10 families in Northern Colorado Live At or Below Poverty Line

Poverty is about scarcity not about ambition. It is about having a lack of access to everyday needs, which is often out of one’s control. This is more than just a roof over one’s head or a warm meal at a table, it is an overall absence of social, emotional, and societal support.

We are here to fill in the cracks and secure the fault lines of insufficiency; we aim to equip individuals with the tools necessary to foster a stable and secure life.







Matthews House is a non-profit based in Fort Collins, Colorado offering family assistance and caregiver support services for Larimer County.
Our Why

We Want to Know People

We want to hear their stories and their struggles and walk along side them. We believe that relationships and access to resources are powerful tools that can lift a community and create systematic change.

Who we serve

Youth & Families

We help youth and families in our community who do not have access to the resources they so desperately need, so they are better equipped to handle the stresses of life.

The Matthews House is a non-profit in Northern Colorado providing services and resources to support families in transition.
The Matthews House is a non-profit in Larimer County providing family education and support services to break the cycle of poverty, offer support to children in foster care, and empower youth.
how we do it

Trusting Relationships

We build trusting relationships with our participants, by walking alongside them, helping them create goals, and providing them with the support they need to truly succeed.

Stories of Impact

The Matthews house connected Jessica with a family support network that led to employment, confidence and empowerment
Jessica's Story

A New Path

As a teenager, Jessica was in a very abusive relationship. She was married at 16 years old and ended up being sold man to man. Jessica says people ask her why she didn’t leave…

The Matthews House, a non-profit in Fort Collins, provided Amy with critical skills she needed in the Restaurant Ready program
Amy's Story

Instilling Confidence

Being part of the Restaurant Ready program gave her the confidence she needed . She says, “Confidence was the biggest thing. Being told you did it wrong, but it’s ok. It’s a huge confidence builder.”

A Family Advocate at The Matthews House, a non-profit in Larimer County, Colorado, introduced Tod to family programs, including Parent Café, and other family assistance programs.
Han's Story

Turning A Corner

For the past year Hans has attended Dad’s Café, a Parent Café specifically for fathers that models effective parenting skills. It has helped him stay sober & to instill positive parenting methods. 

Our Beginnings

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