Helping youth transition to adulthood

The Empowering Youth program serves youth involved in the juvenile justice system, youth who are homeless or don’t have a support system, and every single youth aging out of foster care in Larimer County is referred to us for services. This program walks alongside youth by:

          -Providing comprehensive case management

          -Connecting them to community resources

          -Empowering them to develop self-sufficiency and a healthy lifestyle


The goal of this program is to help youth successfully transition into adulthood and break the cycle of generational poverty.

Contact Shelley Bogus with questions about the Empowering Youth Program– 970.631.6929 or

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Experiential Education

Experiential Education (EE) allows many Empowering Youth participants the opportunity to try things they’ve never had a chance to before. From pottery, to guitar lessons, to fly fishing, to annual snowboarding trips, the activities offered help youth discover their passion. Many of the youth we work with struggle with low self-esteem or feeling unvalued. EE offers a safe place for kids to learn about themselves, socialize with others, and ignite their “spark.”

Contact Shawn Keefer with questions about Experiential Education– 970.631.4979 or