The Matthews House

Curious about what’s happening?

There are always exciting things going on at The Matthews House! We wanted to take a moment to share a few updates and accomplishments from the past few months.


Day in and Day out

We can’t begin to tell you how proud we are of our participants. We are inspired by their hard work and perseverance daily.

-A couple of months ago, we had a hesitant youth reluctantly join our Experiential Education groups. When she first attended, she was distant and barely engaged. Within a month’s time, this youth’s attitude has completely flipped. She is now leading one of the groups and has expressed her gratitude for The Matthews House. She has been prioritizing her groups, even though her school schedule has become busier.

-Our Family Assessment and Planning Team successfully closed with three families this past month!

-One of our clients was able to receive some much-needed car parts. With this help, she was able to get her car fixed! She is now able to get to work and better provide for her three kiddos.

-This year, we have been able to train 120 individuals to become Foster Parents. This means about 60 families can now welcome youth-in-need into their homes!

There are so many more stories that we would love to share with you! Stay up-to-date on our Facebook page for our weekly posts.


The need never stops

Our youth and families are always making progress. We feel honored to assist in the process, but there is still so much work to be done. This year has shown us that the need is greater than ever. We have been called to lean in and give even more. We ask that you consider the same. Thank you for helping make our mission possible, and know you are changing lives.

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