The Colorado Community Response (CCR) Program, which is statewide, is implemented in Larimer County through The Matthews House. CCR is a prevention program that works with families originally called into the child welfare system, but ultimately not required to engage in its services. Our CCR staff take on these families in Larimer County as clients, establish goals with them, then help them work toward these goals, such as housing, furthering education, parenting skills, and child development.


The child welfare system works with families called in for child abuse or neglect. Although it’s documented that poverty and child maltreatment are often linked, oftentimes it’s not addressed. According to the Colorado Department of Human Services:


“The voluntary program connects families with comprehensive family-focused services, including case management, resource referral, home-based visits, collaborative goal-setting, financial coaching and one-time financial assistance. These services increase a family’s abilities to meet the needs of their children by promoting individual, family, and community strengths. These safe, stable and nurturing relationships allow children to reach their full potential.”

CCR monitors outcomes through quantitative and qualitative reports. Statistics are helpful to see where improvements in families’ lives are made and where more progress can be made. They particularly watch for families’ support systems, incomes, employment, housing, etc. throughout the course of working with the CCR program.


During the 2017-2018 year, 90% reported the program strengthened relationships within their family, 64% successfully met their individualized goals and remained engaged with program services, and 86% directly attributed improved conditions for their children to the CCR program. It was found that, after working with CCR, caregivers were happier, more encouraged, less worried, and less stressed than when they began.


These results show that Colorado Community Response and The Matthews House are significantly improving families’ lives in the community. It is encouraging to be able to look back and see how much progress can be made with families as they work with a support system to reach their goals. We’re grateful to work with these strong and resilient families.

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