Living in Larimer County

Larimer County is a great place to live – so it is no surprise that residing here is expensive. Those who do not bring in a high enough income are facing the challenge to make ends meet. Sometimes, the combination of low-wages, high expenses, and any number of other internal or external problems an individual is facing can lead them into homelessness. According to The Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, Larimer County holds 22% of the homeless population in Colorado, making it the largest share in the state. Of this demographic in Larimer County, 7.5% of the population are between the ages of 18 and 25. In a county so affluent, these numbers are notable for being high.


Help for Those in Transition

When a young person exits foster care, or any unstable background, the (often abrupt) transition into financial independence is incredibly challenging. Without a home, strong support system, or financial backing, these young people can be driven into homelessness. Once there, the challenges to get out of poverty are especially daunting.  Fortunately, The Matthews House is actively working every day to help these young people find housing and build the skill sets they need to ensure stability as they get older. 


Our Services

When introduced to these youth, we work diligently to find these kids a home. Sometimes this means placing youth in a Host Home, which you can learn more about here. Other times, the youth can apply for an annual housing voucher which, when granted, takes on up to 70% off rent. This allows the youth in need to focus on other areas of their lives such as mental/emotional health, completing school, or overcoming substance abuse. 

The Matthews House knows that getting youth into housing is crucial to their well-being, but service does not stop there. Transition Facilitators continue to work with the youth on a regular basis to ensure that support is maintained. The Matthews House also offers life skill classes that go over a wide range of topics such as how to build a resume and how to shop for groceries and cook. Once the youth build these skills and become adjusted to living independently, they will be able to move on from financial assistance and take on the awesome responsibility of providing for themselves. 


Paths to Positive Futures

We believe helping youth gain a stable roof over their head is of utmost importance. With housing established and trusting relationships built, our youth are set on paths to positive futures.

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