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Homework helpers, Covid edition

School has changed immensely over the past nine months. Some schools are in person, some are hybrid, and some are strictly online. The Matthews House has been working hard to navigate and adapt Homework Helpers (HH) to best meet the needs of our youth and families.


The learning lowdown

We have determined that the best way to accommodate our youth is by expanding our program and taking the necessary precautions to protect their health and wellbeing. Here’s a quick overview of the in-person academic learning programs we are now providing:

Homework Helpers- This program continues to run in-person groups of 10 to help students with their online learning at our Community Life Centers and Orchard Place. We have shifted hours and created two sessions per day to help more students. Our kiddos have access to snacks and lunch, a safe environment to socialize, and the opportunity to gain academic support with the help of our volunteers and staff.

Homework Helpers at CARE Housing- This new partnership stemmed from the desire to provide kiddos with fun and academic support. The program mimics HH and will continue to be available at all six CARE locations from this point forward.

Remote Learning Centers (RLC)- We created two RLC’s in collaboration with Poudre School District (PSD) and other community partners. Our First Pres location runs all day Mon-Thurs to give secondary students a place to work and receive help. Our Cloverleaf Community location runs Mon-Thurs afternoons. Our priority for both locations is serving students who qualify as homeless through the McKinney-Vento Act for homeless education. RLC’s will continue as PSD transitions back to in-person.


Change, CHange, and CHange again

We know that parts are always moving, and things continue to change, but we hope this provides you with a clearer image of how HH has evolved. We desire to meet the needs of our participants while making sure we abide by the COVID-19 regulations. With this in mind, we are always evaluating our programs! For more information, feel free to contact lise@thematthewshouse.org, our Education and Enrichment Director at the Community Life Centers.

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