The only constant is change, and we’ll experience it together.

We’ve been saying this a lot lately to the youth in our Experiential Education (EE) groups, and our programming has exemplified it. Like most, we halted all in-person activities in March and scrambled to shift groups to an online format. During the summer, we had all groups meet outside in a community park with limited capacities. As the cooler weather moved in, we transitioned to even smaller groups inside and a hybrid schedule with in-person and virtual groups.


Looking ahead, we are excited to continue these changes by announcing a new music program called “Raise the Youth! Studios.” This unique and innovative program will provide instruction and equipment from learning an instrument to recording and beyond. Our mission is to make the youth voice be heard!



Music Lessons + Music Production Group 

Youth will begin with music lessons, learning a new instrument, or continuing with one they already have. We’ll provide transportation plus have instruments available for loan. Our instructors will work as trauma-informed mentors to develop trusting relationships and life skills alongside the music. We’re excited to offer guitar, bass, banjo, piano, ukulele, electronic beats, and singing/rapping!


Students will continue their progression with the Music Production group, which will provide a complete experience from concept to delivery. It’s a space for youth to discover their voice, collaborate, experiment, and have access to industry-standard equipment and instruction. Starting with songwriting, the group will explore emotions and experiences and how to articulate them. They will then learn how to compose and arrange music around those lyrics. Lastly, they will have the opportunity to record in a studio, perform live, and participate in other parts of the music business.



More than Music

Our regular EE programming will continue to provide opportunities for youth to have new experiences while developing skills for success. With a wide range of activities, including rock climbing, role-playing tabletop games, visual and performing arts, open gym, and much more, we continue to engage youth in weekly positive prosocial groups.


The Dream

We have a dream to offer any instrument of choice, plus be able to gift that instrument to the youth after graduating from the program. If you’re interested in helping make that dream happen through donating an instrument or instruction or funding, please contact our EE Coordinator, Andy Whilden, at If you are interested in volunteering with this program, please contact Emily Fleming, our Volunteer Coordinator at

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