Helping Families Stay Together

The Strengthening Families Program serves families involved with the Department of Human Services, many of whom are dealing with major challenges, like homelessness, substance abuse, or domestic violence. This program helps families in crisis achieve stability by:

          – Connecting them to community resources

          – Developing sustainable supports

          – Offering one-on-one case management


“Without The Matthews House I would probably be living in a car, addicted to drugs, without my children or a future to look forward to. Instead we live as a family in a loving home and have an amazing future ahead of us. I am a survivor.” – Parent Participant

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Family Coaching

Focuses on keeping families together by addressing the needs in each family’s life, including housing, job readiness, transportation, effective parenting, and money management.


FAPT Family Advocate

The Family Assessment and Planning Team (FAPT) is a community based, multi-agency team comprised of representatives from Thompson and Poudre school districts, SummitStone Health Partners, Probation, the Department of Human Services, and family advocates from the Matthews House. The FAPT Family Advocates support families and help ensure a FAPT plan is implemented to create long-term, sustainable supports and resources that can be maintained without system involvement or system reliance.


Family Visitor Program

Staff members complete in-home visits with families identified by Larimer County Department of Human Services (DHS). The Family Visitor’s role is to meet the family to discuss areas of need, briefly meet the children included in reports to assure they are safe, address reported concerns, and provide additional community resources.


Foster Care Training

Provides temporary care for children while the supporting family and agency try to reunify the parents with their children. Most children served by the agency remain at home, but for those children whose safety requires temporary removal, the goal is always to reunite the family. Families who desire to be foster parents are required to complete a pre-service foster care training, which TMH is able to conduct.


Contact Kim Martin with questions regarding any of our Strengthening Families programs– 970.631.5057 or