What do we do?

The Matthews House is a 501(c)(3) organization that empowers young adults and families in transition to navigate difficulties on the road to self-sufficiency. Many of the individuals in our program are or have been part of the human services, foster care, and/or justice system. Many have also lived in generational poverty. They frequently do not have a significant support system nor the skills necessary for living independently, including retaining a job, solving problems, managing money, and building solid relationships.


Our mission is to empower youth and families

by building trusting relationships and providing resources

to disrupt the cycles of poverty and abuse.


Our Positive Futures Pathway™ holistic approach focuses on five areas:


When working with our clients and coworkers we utilize these values we have deemed pillars in the organization:

Empathy – We walk alongside people by listening, striving to understand, trying to identify their reality, and validate their reality.

Integrity – We do what we say.

Shared Commitment – We work and serve together with mutual accountability.

Empowerment – We walk alongside people to help them find their own solutions.

Non-judgmental – We honor people right where they are.

Respect – We recognize and communicate that everyone has value and we work to honor them with dignity.

Loving Kindness – We are intentional and genuine in our care for people.


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